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With 120,000 visitors, Piteå Dansar och Ler is one of Sweden’s biggest street festivals.

For many years now, at the end of July the centre of Piteå has attracted jubilant crowds, music of all kinds, food from around the world, exciting sporting events, fantastic dance, a market, a fun fair and so much more besides. During the light summer evenings and nights, the whole of Piteå is transformed into a party venue with a vibrancy that you’d normally expect in the big tourist hotspots of the Mediterranean!

Eventful days
One of the many strengths of Piteå Dansar och Ler is all the events that take place during the day. The daytime programme is packed with activities, performances and market stalls. 

Piteå Dansar & Ler on YouTube

Getting to Piteå

Piteå is located in southern Norrbotten County where the Piteå River flows out into the Gulf of Bothnia right by the sea. The municipality is intersected by the E4 motorway, and with Entré Jävre we are the gateway to the north of Sweden. To get here you can fly with the major airlines to Kallax airport in Luleå 50 km north of Piteå, or take the train to either Luleå or Älvsbyn 50 km from Piteå. If you go by bus, it stops right in the town centre and there are plenty of car-rentals or buses to easily get around. Welcome!

More information: Piteå’s website/accommodation

The freedom of a tent or cottage, or the comfort of a hotel? In Piteå you’ll find hotels, motels, youth hostels, cottages and campsites, all with a friendly welcome for visitors. Wherever you decide to stay, you’re guaranteed a place on the Riviera of the North. Welcome!

More information: Piteå’s website/accommodation

Questions about travel and accommodation
For more information on Piteå, contact Piteå Tourist Office by e-mail: alt. Phone +46-911-93390.